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Hypnosis Database - world's largest online listings of Hypnosis Professionals

Worldwide listings for Hypnotherapists, Schools, Associations and Stage Hypnotists


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Promote your Hypnosis Business with a free listing - Hypnosis Database

Two types of listings are available to Hypnosis Professionals, Schools, Associations and Stage Hypnotists.

Free listings - Hypnosis Database

Upgrade your listing to a Member Account - Hypnosis Database

Our free listings offer Hypnosis Professionals a place to be found by our our many visitors.  Easily  be found by country / city in our state-of-the-art searchable database. 

Free listings provide full details, include our free online referral form and offer optional bold and color name titles.  

Enjoy the benefits of having a free listing in our highly visible database and upgrade to a full Member account at any time.   

Take advantage of our high traffic and expose yourself in our listings database. 

Don't miss a single lead - get your free listing now.

Member's listings are offered as an optional upgrade for Hypnosis Professionals who want to enjoy higher visibility within the listings.

Members receive top of page placement as well as optional bold and color name titles

Member listings provide complete details and include our free online referral form. 

Take advantage of all that membership has to offer and help support Hypnosis Online.  See more details below.

Don't miss a single lead - upgrade your listing to a Member account now.


Get a listing now - Hypnosis Database

Upgrade to a Member listing now - Hypnosis Database



Advantages of Membership - listing benefits - Hypnosis Database

Here are some of the advantages of having a full Member Account listing:

  • Top of page placement above all other listings.
  • Oldest active member's listings stay on top; listing order is by age of account.
  • Priority review and activation of listing.
  • Option for name in bold or bold red for more visibility.
  • Option to purchase discounted additional years at sign up.
  • Name in bold or bold red extended free through any additional years.
  • Automatic yearly renewal saves you time.
  • Direct to web site link within listing.
  • Web site link on our high traffic site helps to promote your site in the search engines.

One single referral that becomes a client, more than pays for your yearly fee!


Please tell us if any links are not working correctly - we appreciate your help in keeping our lists up-to-date. 

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  Are you a Hypnosis Professional looking to maximize your business? HOL can give your business targeted exposure...

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  "Thank you for the work you do listing Hypnotherapists. We often get referrals..."

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Hypnosis for the people
  "All doctors should know how to perform hypnotherapy on their patients, according to a US expert." BBC News Online

Let's get personal
  The next best thing to one-on-one Hypnosis!  "Relax, Listen and ____ with Hypnosis" audio programs are now available in a custom format created just for you... 

Forensic Hypnosis
  "Under hypnosis, a witness to Lori's abduction remembered most of the license plate and a description of the car..."

NLP Hypnosis Story Based
  "...has been intricately conceived to liberate the positive, life-transforming energy of your deeper mind!"

Hypnosis in the News
  "IRS Tax Credit: 100% Reimbursement for Weight Loss and/or Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy Programs."

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